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Iglesia de Monserrate

Haunted Mansions and Clocktowers
That church hiding back there in the clouds is Cerro Monserrate, one of the most famous (and highest-altitude) landmarks in Bogotá. Perched atop one of the highest mountains ringing the city, the church and refugio are one of the most popular sites for tourists and locals alike. On weekend mornings, the route up the mountain -- yes, you can walk -- is packed with people in sneakers, making their pilgrimage up to Bogotá's highest restaurant. On sunny days, it offers a spectacular view of the entire city -- on cloudy days like this one, it looks just as haunted as I imagine it to be. Photo taken from the Plaza Bolívar in the historic La Candelaria district.
Looking down on Bogota from Monserrate
I took this picture at the top of Monserrate overlooking the massive city of Bogota.
Looking down on Bogota from Monserrate Bogota  Colombia