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I Sodi

Southern Europe
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Finding a Family-Owned Winery Gaiole In Chianti  Italy

Finding a Family-Owned Winery

Our last day in Chianti, Rachael & I headed out in the Fiat to explore a couple more places on our list. One of these places was I Sodi, a local, family-owned winery very close to the Bed & Breakfast where we stayed. We turned off the main road where, according to our map, I Sodi was located. Nothing. Just vineyards and olive groves. We slowly drove a couple of kilometers in the direction we hoped was correct until we saw a sign [ISODI ->] which had us turning off onto a gravel road. So we made the turn and drove a few more kilometers. Nothing but vineyards and olive groves. Eventually, another sign [ISODI ->]. More gravel. Two more kilometers. Finally a couple of buildings with no one in sight. After looking around for a few minutes, we saw a piece of paper under a rock on a chair. “We are working out in the fields. Please call….” and there were three or four names and numbers listed. I dialed one up and reached an owner who happened to be in Milan at the time. He said his brother was at the winery, and he’d call him and have him meet us there. 30 seconds later, I heard a phone ringing on the second floor of the building in front of which we were standing. Another 30 seconds later, a window opened and a man yelled out, “Un momento! Un momento!” And this was our introduction to Danilo. I instantly knew that our patience in finding this place was going to be worth it. I write more about Danilo and this winery on my blog at http://stevecookmedia.com/isodi/.