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Hut Point

Visit from the Adelies
Working at McMurdo Station offers no promise of seeing wildlife. However, one amazing summer weekend, a crowd of Adelies came to visit and observe the human contingency posted at Ross Island, Antarctica.
Humans are prevented by order of the International Antarctic Treaty from approaching, touching, or altering behavior of wildlife in Antarctica, but that does not keep the penguins from curiously waddling in the midst of camera-toting, parka-clad people and altering their behavior.

Island Sunset
A gorgeous endless Ross Island evening watching the sun try to set before a long dark winter in Antarctica. These two men reflect on the disappearing light next to Vince's cross commemorating his untimely Antarctic death; and the passings of many others on the Continent.
The ice shelf beyond is reigned in on the opposite shore by the TransAntarctic Mountain Range, including Mount Discovery (the highest peak in this photo).

McMurdo Station, Antarctica