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Cruising the Fjords

Cruise through Norway's Fjords
This is no typical cruise line though. It’s far from a Disney cruise and even further from the Royal Caribbean experience. Every Hurtigruten is a working ship. They do not set sail for tourist’s amusement, these ships have places to be and people to see. The Hurtigruten welcomes guests onboard because the beauty of the Norwegian fjords and the western coastline are breathtaking and being on the water is a spectacular way to experience them. Don’t get me wrong, there is plenty of entertainment but it comes in the form of natural beauty and being present in the world around you. You come to realize this side of the world is chillingly beautiful and we are all so lucky to be alive. One Hurtigrutin ships leaves the city of Bergen every single day. From there you, along with other tourists, locals and supplies alike, can make your way up the coast to the very north of Norway. Every passenger is there on a different journey though.
Cruising in the fjords of Norway
Being there was so much more than just an amazing holiday... The most extraordinary experience in one of the most breathtaking landscapes in the world... Enthralling but so strongly dramatic scenery, reminded me of the characters of Ibsen... 12 days in the middle of summer, from Bergen to Kirkenes in the land of midnight sun, my boyfriend and I... Next cruise? As a contrast, a river cruise on the Nile... ...together with the genius of with Agatha Christie...
Cruising in the fjords of Norway Bergen  Norway

Nøstegaten 30, 5010 Bergen, Norway