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5 Unusual Places to Go to In London London  United Kingdom

5 Unusual Places to Go to In London

London is a beautiful place to visit. There is no need to hire Essay Geeks Service to write you an essay about London. It’s better to visit this amazing city yourself and see its beauty. It has that historical vibe that makes you imagine all the things that were happening centuries ago. However, it’s also incredibly modern and diverse. You’ll certainly enjoy seeing the Buckingham Palace and all other notable sights, but is that all you can experience in London? Not nearly!
So instead of focusing on all important places that mainstream online guides recommend you to see, you should add a breath of fresh air to your trip. We’ll suggest 5 unusual places that will make London special for you.
1. The Skateboard Graveyard
Have you ever wondered where all broken skateboards went? If you love skateboarding, then your big respect for the board doesn’t allow you to throw it away, right? Well, there’s a special place in London, where all broken skateboards rest. It’s on the southern support pier of Hungerford Bridge, which is near an awesome skatepark that you can also see.
2. Chislehurst Caves
Caves? In London? Absolutely! You’ll find this magnificent spot in Southeast London. The caves were used for mining chalk and flint between the 13th and 19th century. Today, they are an unusual tourist attraction. The tour in the caves lasts for 45-50 minutes, and there’s no need to reserve a spot. Just show up and enjoy.
David Bowie, Jimi Hendrix, Led Zeppelin and Pink Floyd have played here, so you can imagine the cool vibe the caves have. Oh; don’t let the creepy carvings on the walls scare you. Try to see them as art.
3. Queen Elizabeth Roof Garden Bar & Cafe
Let’s be honest: a trip to London mustn’t be solely about history, art, and notable sights. You need some relaxation, too. Where are you going to have your British afternoon tea with a light snack? In a rooftop bar, of course! London is full of them. They give you the sense of the true, modern city that the people of London love.
Queen Elizabeth Roof Garden Bar is among the loveliest ones. You get to enjoy an astonishing view of London while sitting on the grass… on a rooftop! The relaxed atmosphere is nothing like the bars and cafes you’re used to. Just wear what you usually wear and enjoy the spontaneous vibe of the place. It can get a bit crowded, but that won’t stop you from enjoying your light sandwich and a strong cup of tea.
4. Kyoto Gardens in Holland Park
You’ll get one main impression from London: it’s an unusual place. To be more precise, it’s weird. It even has its very own Kyoto Gardens. It’s a wonderful spot for taking memorable photographs.
If you imagined London as a gray, dark city, you’ll be in for a surprise. This is a peaceful place where you can meditate and get away from the crowded, loud London as we usually know it. You’ll see magnificent blossom trees, a clear pond, a rock waterfall, and peacocks that are ready to strike a pose for your photographs. These gardens will certainly give you the inspiration you need.
5. The Wallace Collection
It’s time for some history. During your stroll through Selfridges and Oxford Street, this grandiose old townhouse will certainly get your attention. Get in there; it’s a museum that shows you how the rich people of London shopped during the 18th century. They sure had some class!
You’ll see an astonishing collection of medieval weaponry and armour. You’ll certainly be impressed by the furniture and ceramics that belonged to Louis XV and Madame de Pompadour. You’ll also see sculptures, miniatures, and all kinds of works of art. Reserve an entire day of your trip to London for this museum. You’ll need it. Each piece will take more time than you assume. You’ll be so astonished by the detail that you won’t want to leave.

Are you ready to see London in a new light? Well then, it’s time to move away from the most popular tourist destinations and dig a little deeper. The five spots we listed above are just a start. Once you start exploring London, you’ll discover several more!

Author Bio:
Chris Richardson is a content writer and a travel expert. He enjoys wandering around the world, read books, and blogging.