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Huangshan Mountain

Huangshan, Anhui, China, 245000
| +86 559 558 0033

One of the Greatest Mountain Ranges of China

Chinas Huangshan Mountains. Beautiful picturesk a must visit place for anyone that loves nature, hiking and something unforgettable. I wish i would have stayed 4 more days hiking the mountain.

Huangshan is the subject of frequent traditional Chinese paintings and literature, as well as modern photography.

You can join the many that walk up the stairs to the mountain top or take the cable car up. If your not in a good physical state prepared to hike 1000s yes thousands of steps up to the plato you should seriously consider taking the cable car. Although i did go up the steps like many others were doing. I latter came down on the other side of the mountain by cable car.

There several acomidations at the top, with a cheap simple hostels attached to the hotels for those that do not have the money to stay in the better nicer accommodations. Hostels are not for the fain of hart as they are a bit dirty and many filled with some bugs. Mind you if your going in peak season you might want accommodations done in advance.

There is one more incredible thing about Huangshan mountains. The Walkways on the side of the mountains. After almost walking around the whole thing, i realized the incredible feet of engineering that must have taken to build the many bridges, steps, from to and along the side of the mountains.

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