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Know your Japanese Beef
We've all heard about Wagyu beef, but not everyone has heard about Matsusaka Beef. Some may have heard Kobe Beef. All of these though are types of Wagyu beef, including a third type which is Omi. So if you visit Japan, you should try the big three of the Wagyu beefs and also the different grades of each type of beef, if you get the chance. They are said to be fed with beer and massaged, haha!

This time, we get to try Matsusaka Beef which comes from region of Mie. This type of beef is not as popular to us back home as the Kobe beef is.

But many Japanese consider this the best of its rivals. It is said to be raised from specially pampered, “Japanese Black” virgin heifers or Kuro Wagyu cows. Only about 25,000 animals are slaughtered each year and most of that is auctioned on the hoof, adding to both it’s rarity and cost. The beef itself is famed for its soft texture, rich, developed taste, and for it’s evenly marbled, high-ratio fat distribution.

So does it really melt in your mouth? Well, at least the best grade and best part of the beef does. We were able to try the different types of cut, grilled yakiniku style and definitely, there is a big difference between a lower grade Matsusaka and a higher grade one. The sirloin is very tasty, and tender but does not lose texture. No offense, but not even the beefs of Argentina can top this :-)
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