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How to Look Chic and Be Comfortable When Traveling

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Whether it's by plane, train, boat or car, traveling is never the most comfortable thing to do. You may find yourself squeezed in amongst other passengers with little leg space, or sitting down for hours on end without being able to move around. You want comfort, but then you also want to look good. After all, airports and train stations are often places where you get to see people you haven't seen in a while or experience your first time in a new location, and so you want to look stylish and feel confident.
Here are a few ways you can look great and feel relaxed and comfortable when you are traveling.


Leggings are about the most comfortable thing you can wear on your legs – more comfortable than jeans, warmer than tights and, crucially, really easy to take off and stuff in your bag if you are wearing them under a dress or skirt and traveling from a cold location to a hot one. Leggings can look great with short dresses or mini skirts and can give you a relaxed but fashionable look ideal for travel. Additionally, you can opt for styles like these leather look moto leggings that give you all the comfort, as well as a hip look. They also are structured to hold you in in all the right places, making you look slim and sleek even if you feel all bloated from sitting down all day traveling.

Soft Boots

Ugg style boots are one of those things you either love or hate. However, they are absolutely perfect for flying. This is because your ankles and feet may well swell up on the flight, and this can make it hard to put shoes back on when the flight lands. It can also make wearing the shoes you boarded with start to get painful if you keep them on. With Ugg styles, you essentially have a lot of room for your feet and ankles in the sheepskin interior, so you'll have none of these problems and will feel like you are wearing slippers the whole way, while still wearing a fashionable shoe.

Pashminas and Wraps

Wraps, shawls, and pashminas are also fantastic options when you travel, as they can look nice but also give you a few options for using as makeshift blankets and pillows on your flight or train. Additionally, they make layering easy, so if you are traveling between places with very different temperatures, you can put them on or stash them away to suit the conditions. This can be a lot more convenient than layering with sweaters or jackets, and it also gives you a trendy yet relaxed look when you are wearing the pieces.
Traveling is never the most comfortable of experiences, yet normally you do still want to look good, so consider some of these fashion ideas to help you feel comfy and still look chic on your next trip. And don’t forget, you are more likely to be selected for a free upgrade if you are dressed smartly.