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Hotel Monaco & Grand Canal

Piazza San Marco, 1332, 30124 Venezia VE, Italy
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Venice's Romantic Gondola Ride

You have probably heard that Venice is the most romantic city in the world. Well, Venice is beautiful, mesmerizing, and seductive. I think it's the turquoise water, the winding canals, and the ancient buildings.

We arrived at our hotel in Venice by vaporetto. After settling in, we decided it was time for lunch and sightseeing.

Armed with a city map, we started out and promptly got lost! As the guidebooks stated: "You will probably get lost in Venice, so just aim for St. Mark's Square or the Rialto Bridge." That's just what we did.

After wandering around and shopping (check out the ornate masques in the shoppes near the Rialto), we stopped at a trattoria near the Rialto Bridge and sat out on the patio sipping a prosecco as we watched the people go by.

I listened to the birds in the trees, the water lapping against the canal walls, and the quiet conversations going on around me. I was relaxed and felt at home. Sooo Venice.

It was time for my gondola ride. As I climbed into the gondola, I sat down and listened to the gondolier's facts about Venice and her canals. We toured the Grand Canal and the back canals. He was informative and fun, and the ride was very enjoyable. I was glad that we "did" the gondola cruise.

Try not to skip the gondola ride. Plan the price in your budget as you plan your trip. It's 80 euros for 40 minutes. Your hotel concierge can set it up, or your travel agent can before you leave.

For info: www.in-venice.com/tours-venice-gondola-rides-tours