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Lilikoi, Hawaii's Passion Fruit
One fruit that you will undoubtably come across in Hawaii is lilikoi, a yellow Hawaiian passion fruit. The fruit grows in abundance, and is pretty easy to find in parks and forests all over the Islands. Low hanging lilikoi will be picked quickly, though!
Lilikoi is used to flavor fruit juices, cocktails, beer, desserts, salads, and shave ice. The fruit is also used in soaps, lip balm, and lotions. When you visit Hawaii, you will see just how many items lilikoi can be added to!
If you try it fresh, depending on the variety and ripeness, the seeds may be hard or crunchy although they are not harmful to swallow. Some people prefer to scoop the seeds out and skip straight to the flesh. You can also bite right into one without even needing a knife!
Honolulu, HI, USA