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Creepy Island Critters
Most little critters do not bother me too much, but there are several that can give me a fright - mostly due to their size. This centipede was nearly dead, but at five inches long, surprised me quite a bit!
On land, several spiders will bite, but are not real dangerous. The brown cane spider will scare people by its sheer size and then it will run away. Centipedes pack a little bit bigger punch and can be found in orange, red, and blue.
I have had several on my lanai (porch) along with cockroaches and several spiders. They are always a good reminder to keep screen doors closed to prevent finding them indoors!
It is also important to be vigilant in the water in Hawaii. There are several shark attacks each year. Portuguese Man o War and Box Jellyfish warnings are occasionally posted on beaches.
For the most part, dangerous animals are a small threat and the idyllic islands are fairly safe as well!
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Honolulu, HI, USA