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Honiara Central Market

Selling shell jewellery
The Solmon Islands is renown throughout the Pacific for its shell jewellery. Neckalces made from traditional currency - jewellery produced for brides is extremely elaborate and features heavy strands of shell money. Carved pendants, engraved pieces and fern or tortoise shell overlays are also features of Solmon Island jewellery. Solomon Islanders are so skilled at jewellery making, their work is found throughout the Pacific at local markets, with a significant mark-up. It has becomes a strong informal export business to those countries attracting a larger share of tourists.

An excellent selection of shell jewellery can be found at the Honiara Central Market, and you won't have to fight with other tourists for the good pieces.

Mendana Ave, Honiara, Solomon Islands
Mon - Sat 6:30am - 6pm