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What is it Like to Travel in South Korea During the MERS Outbreak?
When we announced last month that our next destination would be South Korea, Justin and I received a small flood of concerned messages from friends and family wondering if it was actually safe to travel there, given the recent MERS outbreak that was being trumpeted all over the news. MERS, or Middle East Respiratory Syndrome, is a virus which targets the lungs and has a 30-40% death rate if contracted (at this writing 36 people have died). After making some horribly inappropriate jokes about becoming internet famous for telling people to visit South Korea only to die ourselves from MERS, Justin and I did some reading about the virus and decided that canceling our trip because of the virus was too drastic a move. As the CDC and WHO report, MERS is almost exclusively contracted in hospital settings and similar circumstances where ill persons are brought into sustained intimate contact with others. Since hospitals and "intimate contact" with locals weren't on our agenda it seemed that the risk of contracting the disease was negligible (statistically, we had a 0.000072% or a 1 in 13.8 million chance...those odds seem pretty good).

Still, will your vacation be affected negatively if you choose to travel to South Korea now? The short answer: No.

Read more at http://uncontainedlife.com/travel-in-south-korea-during-the-mers-outbreak/
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