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Hong Kong to Nagasaki

Hong Kong to Nagasaki
From the colorful sites of the Philippines to the fragrant cherry blossoms and cedar forests of Japan, this 10-day voyage is a feast for the senses. After departing from Hong Kong, you’ll spend a day at sea as the vessel floats southeast along the South China Sea, before arriving in Vigan, Philippines, where a horse-drawn carriage ride will bring you up-close to the Spanish colonial historic center. Elsewhere in the Philippines, you’ll stop at Palaui Island—for a scenic hike to a lighthouse, swimming, and a visit to a local school—and Sabtang Island, where you’ll ride in a motorcycle sidecar to explore a traditional village. After a day in the peak- and waterfall-filled Taroko National Park on Taiwan’s eastern coast, the expedition arrives in Okinawa, Japan, where highlights include ancient royal castles, former military HQs, and a gorgeous 18th-century garden. The small ship will then bring you to the tropical Amami Islands—for artisan visits, canoeing, and beach time—and Yakushima forest, Japan’s first UNESCO World Heritage site, where 2,500-year-old cedars flourish.
Yakushima, Kumage District, Kagoshima Prefecture, Japan