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Hoi An Agritravel

100 Ways To Catch A Fish In The River In Hoi An
The fishermen of Hoi An use all kinds of tools to catch fish. Fishing nets, fishing camps (traps) and instruments made from bamboo to raise and lower large nets are some of the ways to catch fish. I tried a few of the different methods.

They are hard work. It is probably even harder when you’ve lost your foot on a landmine as a child.

We sailed to a bamboo construction that was operated with your arms and legs like gym equipment.

It raises a very large fishing net that had been set during the night. it was heavy. I needed help but the fishermen do it alone. (that was so cool to make that come up)

Then you go out to the net and retrieve the fish.

Spending the morning with the fishermen in Hoi An for me was a very special thing to do. Being on the river is incredibly beautiful and it made me appreciate how much the fishermen of the world do for us – especially when I was eating the fresh catch of the day For more info and photos go to http://travelwellflysafe.com/2015/04/09/there-are-a-hundred-ways-to-catch-a-fish-in-the-river-in-hoi-an-viet-nam/
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