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A Cooking Class (With Booze!)
Though this may be an experience for locals, couples and friends from even the most outer reaches of LA will traverse into the city to attend this "class." With locations in West L.A., San Diego, Seattle and Portland, the Brewery Arts Lofts location is still the first and arguably best. With classes ranging from knife skills to Thai cooking to cocktail mixology, Hipcooks invites wannabe chefs to a cooking-show like roundtable to drum up a meal. Pretension and measuring spoons are left in the pantry, but one still learns quite a bit about the cuisine and culinary basics of their choice. While it might be a little bit unnerving for the knife skills class, a couple of cocktails are provided to go along with the meal. It's a great way to meet other couples or like-minded cooks if you're new in town, as after you've all communally stirred up some grub, you take your winnings to a big wooden dinner table to socialize. If you're into cooking just as much as eating, and cocktails as much as food, Hipcooks might be the outing for you.

642 Moulton Ave, Unit E21, Los Angeles, CA 90031, USA
+1 323-222-3663
Sat, Sun 11am - 2pm, 5pm - 9pm
Wed - Fri 6pm - 9pm