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Himarë, Albania
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Albania's Infamous Bunkers Himarë  Albania

Albania's Infamous Bunkers

Albania is often described as unique and quirky and the country’s infamous bunkers have a lot to do with that. Former dictator Enver Hoxha had over 700,000 of them built to help protect the country from invading nations. Of course no one ever invaded Albania and after the fall of Communism most of the bunkers were broken up and sold for scrap metal.

But many bunkers remain, especially along the border regions and along the coast. If you watch out for them you can find some very unusual ones. Some have been painted in bright colours, others are used to grow mushrooms while a few of the bigger ones have been converted into kiosks. The bunkers are fun to look out for as you travel around the country and some of the more interesting ones make for a great photo souvenir.