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Hildesheim, Germany
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Gyrocopter flying over Germany Hildesheim  Germany

Gyrocopter flying over Germany

Few places on earth are consistently as beautiful as Germany in the springtime. The hillsides and valleys are so green as to be the envy of any Irish Leprechaun. Mix in the bright yellow fields of raps (canola) and omnipresent flowers and you have a scene to die for.

How could you improve on this? How about feasting on these colors from the open cockpit of a state-of-the-art auto-gyro (similar to a helicopter but the main rotor rotates freely) which people often equate to “a motorcycle that flies”.

A Hildesheim, Germany company, about an hour’s drive from Hannover, manufactures these sleek aircraft and distributes them worldwide. While the firm recently began manufacturing closed cockpit models, for the thrill of your life, opt for a ride in the open cockpit version.

To demonstrate their safety, two pilots flew two open cockpit models all the way across the US from Boston to San Diego in 2009.

So how fun is it? Let’s just say my ride was the most fun I’d ever had with my clothes on. It took a full day to get the smile off of my face. Between the unadulterated beauty and the thrill of flying low and slow over that sumptuous terrain, this adventure is definitely “bucket list worthy”.

For photos of the machines:
Autogyro factory: http://www.auto-gyro.com/en/
Flight School (for booking a ride): Thomas Kiggen - http://www.ul-schule.de/
A short video from my cousin Thilo’s ride: http://bit.ly/ypHqOa
Photos from the cross-USA flight: http://bit.ly/zS0b0t