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Highgate Cemetery

Highgate Cemetery – Otherworldly & Peaceful
Call me strange, but London's Highgate Cemetery has always had me under its spell.

First opened in 1839, it is home to some of Great Britains most interesting historic funerary architecture, with numerous overgrown tombs, vaults, mausoleums, and graves. It has magical old trees and an abundance of wildlife. It's peaceful and reflective; a place that invites you to be quiet and slow down your thoughts.

There are two parts to Highgate cemetery, East and West. You can visit East Highgate on your own, with a map that points out the final resting places of many of its 'residents'. Douglas Adams (1952–2001, Author of the Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy), the novelist Eliot George (1819-1890), Malcolm McLaren (1946-2010, rock-artist, concert producer, clothes designer and close friend of Vivien Westwood), and most prominently Karl Marx (1818-83, German political philosopher and revolutionary socialist) are all buried here, and many more.

West Highgate, more fragile with its ancient structures, is only accessible by volunteer led tours. I've been on a number of them over the years. Each guide has their favorite stories and often sport a rather macabre sense of humor, which comes with the territory, I guess. For some, its a dark and perhaps disturbing place (especially the tombs), but I've always found Highgate Cemetery otherwordly and simply magical.

Ticket prices (at time of publishing)
Adults £12
Children 8 to 17 £6.
(no children under 8)

The ticket price includes entrance to the East Cemetery on the day of your tour. Tickets are not refundable or exchangeable.

Please check opening times for east and West Highgate Cemetery on their website.

>>>A huge thank you to The Trafalgar St. James and Curio Collection for a great time in London. @CurioCollection @TrafalgarSW1 #DiscoverWhatsInside #CurioCollection #BeCurious

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