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High Point State Park

Hiking the Highest Point in New Jersey
High Point State Park's distinctive obelisk-like structure could make you think for a minute that you are in Washington D.C.

The tall slender monument was generously dedicated to the State of New Jersey by the Kuser family, and turned into a State park in 1923. The structure, a fond object for photographers, stands at 1,803 feet tall and is built on the highest point in New Jersey (bragging rights, maybe?).

I attempted to climb High Point Tower --with all its dizzying stairs--and I experienced foggy windows and a pretty steep ascent, not unlike what I found at the Statue of Liberty. My most favorite part about this State Park is not its claim to fame; rather, the reason to visit is to take advantage of the well-worn, densely-shrouded marked trails that lead to from and to this monument. Some trails, like the Shawangunk, lead all the way to the Catskill area in New York State.

The famous Appalachian Trail is a pebble's throw from the Park. This is truly a beautiful area to wander, enjoy the great outdoors, and go for a dip in the nearby Lakes (Lake Marcie is a popular option).

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