The itinerary to Oaxaca designed by Katie Cadar of TravelStore, a member of the AFAR Travel Advisory Council, includes not just cultural and culinary highlights, but some natural ones too. For an excursion to the unusual geological attraction of Hierve el Agua, a guide will meet you at your hotel for a drive through the Oaxacan countryside. As you approach the formation, you’ll see what looks like an enormous frozen waterfall cascading down the side of a mountain. The white “falls” are, however, actually deposits of calcium carbonate that has dripped down the side of the peak, not unlike how stalactites are formed. Bring your swimsuit: The springs that are the source of the calcium carbonate are rich in other minerals believed to have therapeutic effects and they also offer panoramic views of the countryside below. The itineraries to Mexico created for AFAR Journeys cover the country from the Pacific to the Caribbean, and highlights that are cultural, historic, and scenic.

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