Hellas Bakery & Restaurant

Kataiffi, Saragli, and Baklava
These honey-drenched delicacies tempt the customers of Hellas Bakery and make you ask "Where am I?" No, you're not on the sun-drenched coast of Greece, but in Tarpon Springs, on the sun-drenched west coast of Florida. Originally settled in the late 1800s, Tarpon Springs was a center for sponge diving. Greek divers were recruited from the Dodecanese Islands of Greece, and today this small city boasts the largest population of Greek-Americans in the country.

The Sponge Docks are still where most of the action is. After the sponge harvesting industry was wiped out by a red algae bloom in the late 1940s, this area was converted to shops, restaurants, museums, and a landing area for tourist boat excursions. The area retains much of its Greek character with fabulous Greek restaurants and Baklava-stuffed bakeries lining the streets.
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