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Heineken Experience

Heineken: From Brewery to Touristy Beer Homage
If €18 for a few glasses of Dutch brew served against a backdrop of old Heineken commercials and a quasi-3D movie starring a guy swimming in a pool of beer sounds entertaining, by all means visit The Heineken Experience. You may find your euros are well spent for the chance to see the 19th century buildings where one of the world's three largest beer producers perfumed Amsterdam's De Pijp neighborhood from 1864‒1988 with the scent of its popular ale. But even www.Amsterdam.info suggests you get drunk before visiting The Heineken Experience, a touristy homage to a beer now produced by a huge multinational company that "must have been arranged by people who had too much beer themselves." When the brewery closed in 1988, the Heineken family preserved its history in a museum with tours encompassing the giant brass beer tanks and horse stable on the property. For a small admission fee, visitors learned about the famed pilsner and imbibed from bottomless mugs. Following a 2008 renovation, the entry charge went up and a friendly brand promotion became a ruthless tourist attraction: The Heineken Experience. Folks still line up to view the authentic interiors, old photographs and honors the Heineken family received over the years, including a gold medal from the 1889 World Fair in Paris. Buy your tickets online, get a €2 discount and skip the waiting line. Just know, the beer may taste different after watching someone bathing in it. You've been warned!

Fun fact... In the Heineken Brewery, you can have them create a bottle just for your, and even add your name to it.

Stadhouderskade 78, 1072 AE Amsterdam, Netherlands
+31 20 523 9435
Sun - Sat 10:30am - 7pm