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Hearst Ranch

Wild Zebras at Sunset in California?!
These zebras on the San Simeon ranch are the remains of Hearst's last herd of zebra, some of the many exotic animals Hearst once had on his lavish estate. It was so cool to see zebras roaming about on the California coast. You can also see giant elephant seals on the beach in San Simeon.
Herd of Zebras on Highway One
I was driving home from Hearst State Beach from the annual 5th grade end of year beach day, when I came across more zebras than I have ever seen on the Hearst Ranch. There were at least 50-60 zebras all heading south. I stopped to capture this rare event. Usually we only see one or two. Just a short drive up Highway One and it is almost as if you are on safari.
Herd of Zebras on Highway One San Simeon California United States

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