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 Hardfiskur: Icelander's Favorite Snack Ísafjörður  Iceland

Hardfiskur: Icelander's Favorite Snack

Since Iceland lacks an abundance of soil, its difficult for its citizens to grow crops that would normally be used to bake bread. As a result, the resourceful citizens of this northern country turn to fish as an alternative to bread and butter.

They dry wolffish in the open ocean air for months until it is slightly briny like the sea and amazingly good when paired with creamy Icelandic butter. It's like the fish jerky of Iceland and many of this country's citizens snack on it throughout the day which might account for their healthy compositions.

One of the best places to learn about hardfiskur production is in The Westfjord town of Isafjordur. There you will find a family owned business still producing hardfiskur in the same way they have for centuries. If you have trouble locating it, just ask and a local will be happy to direct you to a tradition they are extremely proud of.