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Happy Island

Getting Happy on Happy Island
While there technically isn't much of a beach on Happy Island, you'd be hard pressed to find a more idyllic beach bar anywhere in the world.

Happy Island is a man-made island in the middle of Clifton harbor with no other purpose than to serve as an oasis for rum lovers with a proclivity to limin’. The brain-child of one man: Janti. About 10 years ago, he was volunteering removing conch (or lambi as their known in the Grenadines) shells from the beaches of Union Island. But do you know how much conch the people of the Grenadines eat? A LOT!

So, he began piling the empty shells up on the reef in Clifton harbor and before he knew it, visitors began using the conch pile as a make-shift bar. He was obviously on to something! A few years, an awful lot of conch shells, some cement and a tremendous amount of work done almost solely by himself and you’ve got a Grenadines institution.
A very delightful man-made island in the Grenadines.
We had good times here. The lobster lunch was amazing.
A very delightful man-made island in the Grenadines.  Clifton  Saint Vincent and the Grenadines

Clifton Harbour, Union Island, St Vincent and the Grenadines
+1 784-433-2048