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Hapa Izakaya - Robson

Have a Hapa Happy Hour
Hapa Izakaya is one of the city's most popular Izakaya outlets with three restaurants across the city and one in Toronto and Calgary. They've won awards for their superb Japanese cuisine which offers local and seasonal produce along with sustainable Ocean Wise seafood, Although I'm a huge Hapa fan for their regular menu– I love their commitment to high quality ingredients and you can't beat the cheery cry of irasshaimase that greets you when you walk in – I'm an even bigger fan for the deals with the Hapa Happy Hour. Each restaurant runs a different set of deals, so you can change it up and get different dishes each time. I adore their beef tataki, and it's usually on special at their Robson Street restaurant for just $6. It's a great chance to try new dishes and graze around their delicious menu for less.
Check Out the Cute Ramen Bowl Paintings at Hapa
New to the ramen scene in December 2015, this is the first ramen bar from the popular Hapa Izakaya chain. Their house speciality is a kimchi ramen made with a spicy Korean fermented chili paste. If you’re not a fan of kimchi, then try their shoyu (soy) ramen with a little maa-yu, a charred onion oil which adds a delicious bitterness and depth to the soup. Their noodles are fresh and made locally. This is a spacious restaurant so unlike most ramen in the West End, you won’t be elbow-to-elbow with your table mates!
Check Out the Cute Ramen Bowl Paintings at Hapa Vancouver  Canada

1479 Robson St, Vancouver, BC V6G 1C1, Canada
+1 604-689-4272