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Hallstatt, Austria

Wintertime in Hallstatt

We visited a place that we are normally used to seeing in desktop backgrounds. Although thinking about visiting during springtime, we decided not to miss the sight when the village is covered with snow. Hallstatt is a village that can be accessed in different ways from Munich. We traveled by train and ship, and came back by bus. It was a really nice trip in both ways so we think it’s worth trying both. Hallstatt is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and its population consists of only 795 people. World’s oldest salt mine is also located in Hallstatt, but it’s closed during winter. An exact copy of the village was built in the Guangdong province in China. This probably why the village is very popular among Chinese people and there is a very large number of Chinese tourists in Hallstatt. During our visit, we stayed in Gruner Anger, a very clean hotel with nice breakfast. I would strongly advise the local fish, especially the fish called “Saibling” in German. We ate it in the Brauhaus and it was delicious.