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Halis Dibek Kahve

Love that Turkish coffee
One of the more interesting coffees in the world is Turkish coffee. It's like a stronger stronger Italian espresso with the coffee grounds in the bottom of the cup!

I found Halis coffee in the grand bazaar in Izmir and enjoyed the coffee and watching the books being roasted, grounded and pounded and then made ready to drink. Good stuff!!
Roasting the bean
In one section of the very large grand bazaar in Izmir, there are some eateries and also cafes. This particular cafe was fantastic where you can see the coffee made from the unroasted bean all the way to having it poured into your cup.
Roasting the bean Izmir  Turkey

The BEST Turkish coffee in Izmir
I have to be honest - I know my coffee and I love my coffee. Mediterranean coffees are something special though. In Italy their little black coffees are called espresso. In Turkish they're called coffee which in their language is kahve.

Halis, in the grand bazaar has the very best coffee in the city. I have been to many cafes there and this is by far what Turkish coffee is all about.

This coffee was so black and so hot; so much darker than the others. The reason for this is how it is prepared. Its not made on a stove or gas burner but in very very hot sand! No kidding!

The BEST Turkish coffee in Izmir Izmir  Turkey

Konak Mahallesi, 902 Sok. No:8, 35250 Konak/─░zmir, Turkey
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