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Half Dome

Climbing the Cables at Half Dome
Climbing Half Dome in Yosemite is something everyone should do at least once. It's a major commitment and takes several hours over almost a mile climb, but the views of the valley are unparalleled. One of the most intimidating parts is the last climb up the rock shoulder using the cables. In the past there was no limit to the number of people allowed -- and often there was a line on each of the two cables (one line climbing up and one line climbing down, which is much harder, in my opinion). Now the park issues permits to limit the number of people each day. Be sure to call early to get your permit and pack lots of food and water for the hike. And bring your own gloves for the final climb up the cables.
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A Photographer's Dream
As a photographer myself, it was difficult not to jump on the opportunity to break out my tripod as fast as I could and capture the astounding white vastness of Yosemite Valley which lay below. However, before I could do so, I had to marvel first at the seemingly never-ending line of photographers all trying to capture the scene in their own way. To me, the real beauty of the place lay in the immense astonishment and admiration of nature by each person present.
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BRB, Gonna Climb This Mountain
We set out to climb half dome. This was the day before, we viewed it from a distance.
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Start Of the Hike
Here ben points at the sign indicating our destination.
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Climbing Half Dome
Climbing Half Dome is one of the most memorable and for me, one of the most scariest experiences I've done. When I went, we hiked about 8 miles through the valley to get to the base, passing two waterfalls and gorgeous scenery along the way. I believe you need a permit now, but we just walked up to the base, grabbed a pair of gloves, and used only some wooden planks and cables to climb up the face of a rock. The view from the top, overlooking all of Yosemite, was definitely worth every shaking nerve I had in my body!
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An Icon
An visual and a natural national icon, the Half Dome in Yosemite is one of those sights that commands respect. It is such a gorgeous natural landscape that keeps people who visit in awe. I know that I could never get tired of it. One day though, I will hike half dome. If you are interested in hiking half dome, you need to register prior to hiking and be prepared for a roughly 7-8 hr hike!
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Half Dome Trail, California 95389, United States