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Habitation Côte-Sous-Le-Vent

Petite Plaine Pointe Noire, 97116, Guadeloupe
| +590 590 80 42 62

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Sun - Sat 9am - 5:30pm

Habitation Côte-Sous-Le-Vent

Habitation Côte-Sous-Le-Vent, located in Pointe Noire, Basse-Terre, is part botanical garden, part cultural site, and part amusement park. There are multiple displays with English audio devices offering insight into The Guadeloupe Islands’ flora and fauna, including orchids and butterflies. Traditional Creole huts also show the local way of life, while an interactive display offers a glimpse of the area’s past as a rich haunt of pirates—complete with a life-size pirate ship for children to play on as long as they wish. There’s also an outdoor playground, and the latest attraction for teens is the first of its kind on the islands: velos volants, bikes perched 10 meters above the canopy that can be ridden over a half-mile course with panoramic views of the park’s flora.