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Ha Giang, Vietnam

Tp. Hà Giang, Hà Giang, Vietnam

Head for the Hills and Discover Asia's Indigenous Hill Tribes

Having lived in Asia for many years I always find it fascinating to visit the regions lesser-known mountain regions. They give a break from the tropical heat and an opportunity to tune out of city stress and into nature. Learning about the rich and varied ethnicities that still enjoy a life in close commune with nature is the essence of travel in Asia.

One such hill tribe belongs to the Akha people of Northern Laos. Visiting the Akha is like stepping back in time. The mountains here along the Thai, Laos and Burmese borders are covered in dense, lush rainforest and the Akha are happy to welcome visitors keen to learn about their culture.

And in the high mountains of Vietnam are the H’mong. Numbering one million inhabitants this prominent group have their own distinct culture. And what better way to enjoy the area’s verdant valleys than with the people who live there?

If you are planning on a trip to Asia, I highly recommend going remote. Patao in Myanmar, Sulawesi in Indonesia or Ha Giang in Vietnam will reward you with life long memories and you’ll be overwhelmed at having visited these fascinating communities.