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Gurudwara Goindwal & Baoli Sahib

Khadoor Sahib, Goindwal, Punjab 143422, India
+91 84370 08017
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Just Your Local Gurdwara Goindwal  India

Just Your Local Gurdwara

A gurdwara is a Sikh place of worship and the one in the photo is Goindwal. Located in the town by the same name, it’s a popular place for the local Sikh community to go to but few tourists know about it even though it’s located only a very short distance from the famed Golden Temple.

The locals here are very friendly and more than happy to explain their religion and faith to you and to give you a few pointers about visiting the gurdwara. You can also join them for a free meal, called the langar, in the main dining hall.

What makes Goindwal special is its baoli, or covered well. The well sits below the gold domed structure known as “Baoli Sahib”. There are 84 steps leading down into the well which is large enough for people to bathe in or perform ablutions. There is no charge but the line can be long. When you get to the bottom of the steps, there are separate areas for women and men.

If you go to Goindwal, one thing to note is that the shoe counter is located quite a distance from the entrance to the temple complex and you will have to walk on the street, which depending on the time of day, can be blisteringly hot! Good thing is that you do have to wash your feet (and hands) before you enter Goindwal so you can cool them off!