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Look out for the biggest cross in the western hemisphere
She'd been trailing it for miles. Like, 100 miles. "We MUST look out for it," my friend said. "It's the biggest cross in the western hemisphere! We've mustn't miss it!"
Well, turns out, if you're travelling on the I-40 through Texas, you really can't miss it. It's pretty huge. So large in fact that you tend to think it must be REALLY FAR AWAY. It's only by looking at the trees around it - which it renders as shrubs - that you can get any sense of its scale at all.
Apparently if you take the 112 and stop off at its base you can not only get photos (I presume you need a very wide-angle lens) but also enjoy various bronze sculptures of Jesus at the stations of the cross. We didn't. But we did enjoy the sight.
Groom, TX 79039, USA