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Green Grotto Caves

St. Ann Parish, Jamaica
| +1 876-973-2841

Pretend to be a Pirate

The Green Grotto Caves on the north coast of Jamaica host several bat families, but that is about the only freaky part of a well lit and easy navigational cave system. At 39 feet in depth, the cave system is elongated rather than deep.

Named after the green algae that covers the walls, the innermost cavern contains a beautiful crystal clear underground lake. Obvious pirate legends abound, it served as a hideaway for escaped slaves and rum smugglers (hence known as Runaway Caves as well).

James Bond fans will remember the underground base of evil Dr. Kananga where 007 (Roger Moore) had a few run-ins with the bad guys.

Expect excellent guides, a cafeteria on site and wide pathways to navigate the ocean's playground in the limestone.