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Greater London

Get High on Quirkiness
London has an abundance of unusual bars, for those looking for a special drinking experience.

First on the menu—a rum bar with an entrance through a toilet. The Portside Parlour has the right amount of quirk for someone looking for a fun night out.

Then there is Callooh Callay, inspired by Lewis Carroll's nonsensical "Jabberwocky" poem. Customers need to walk through a wardrobe to reach the bar. Once there, expect pop-corn flavored cocktails served in gramophones.

For something more potent, head to the Brompton Bar & Grill in Knightsbridge. Here Absinthe is served in the traditional way—your glass will be accompanied by a carved silver spoon with a sugar cube on top. Dilute the anise-flavoured liquor with water till it turns milky, and enjoy your drink.

Greater London, UK