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Great Sphinx of Giza

Al Haram, Giza Governorate, Egypt
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Sphinx has plenty of tricks up it's sleeve, er, paw. Cairo  Egypt

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Sun - Sat 8am - 5pm

Sphinx has plenty of tricks up it's sleeve, er, paw.

Planning on stopping by the Great Sphinx while on holiday in Egypt? Join the millions of other easy targets that are there with you. While I highly recommend this iconic experience, be aware of some of the most common traps await you.

For example, hassling. You will be followed for your entire duration at the Sphinx, if not by the same person by many people. They all have something to sell or they all want you to give them money for no reason whatsoever. I found that asking them to give me money while smiling worked better than trying to ignore them.

The guards will not help you, especially because of the political turmoil in the area. When in doubt, walk by an old grandma who looks local.

Also, there is almost always someone trying to tell you that you need to show your ticket to them. NEVER hand it to them or else expect to be taken on a tour that's "free" and then be harassed until you pay. We almost fell pray to that one because the man standing at the entrance of the Sphinx looks very official and is even in guard attire at first glance...but if you refuse and keep walking nothing happens. On a closer look you will notice that the man is in jeans and is not an official guard.

Do not go in the middle of the day, and if possible do go when there is a tour bus there. Egypt's tourist market has become very sparse and this makes vendors desperate. The more people around you, the less they will bother you specifically. They will simply move on to the next person.