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Great Otway National Park

A Rainforest Walk At Great Otway National Park
Maits Rest Rainforest Walk – well, that was my first acquaintance with a rainforest ever! The experience was not something that you undergo every day. I don’t think I ever felt so close to nature – fresh, green and pure. There’s nothing more awesome and powerful than nature in its purest state. It has a remarkable ability to switch you off from your world and heal you. When you are in an intimate rendezvous with nature, you forget about your worries and pain, and simply succumb to its unhindered beauty.

It’s a cool temperate rainforest, which allows you to go deep into the forest and enjoy the therapy of nature. There are trees in the park, which are 300 years old. Since it’s a rainforest, there’s a wet undertone to the whole atmosphere. You are recommended to wear sturdy footwear to avoid slipping.

This unique rainforest trail can be more thrilling if you are not on a guided tour. Even though taking an independent trip is costlier, it is still a better idea than the guided itinerary. Your guide will make you gulp down each morsel of beautiful sights that you come across, whereas if you are traveling on your own, it gives you enough time to linger on and savor.
Admire koalas in the wild
Although you can see (and hold) koalas at various zoos in Australia, we were looking for a more authentic encounter. Our B&B owner in Apollo Bay suggested the Otway Lighthouse Road just off the Great Ocean Road as a great place to see koalas. We kept our eyes sharp as we were expecting to have to hunt for the little guys but it turned out that wasn't necessary! We saw at least two dozen koalas just hanging out in the crooks of eucalyptus trees along the roadside. We had a few other cars for company also taking photographs but it was surprisingly uncrowded. Completely worth the detour.
Admire koalas in the wild Cape Otway  Australia