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A Chill Hygge-Infused Meal At Granola
I think I am in love with Denmark. It is likely platonic and perhaps unrequited but I cannot help but look back fondly upon almost everything we saw or did there.

I’ve tried to deconstruct why I love Denmark so and I think it comes down to hygge, a Danish-centric concept somewhat analogous to coziness. From the communal coatrooms to the fact that while everything is so well ordered and beautiful the Danes do not seem to take the pursuit of such order or beauty or even themselves too seriously, there is something soothing and inviting about the Danish approach. Perhaps that’s why Denmark is often considered one of the happiest places on earth.

One place that epitomizes hygge is Granola, a cafe set at the end of a brick-lined street in Frederiksberg. Tinned cans of coffee and tea and artisanal chocolates line the pale green shelves like at an old Five and Dime store. (There’s even a giant scale.) You enjoy your food under yellow lights and at wooden tables with that aged wabi-sabi patina which seem commonplace in all good cafes.

While the sandwiches, coffees, breakfasts, and of course the granolas are recommended, Granola is very well known for its fresh juices and smoothies. We tried a berry smoothie that seemed so fruity and so rich with antioxidants you felt you had the energy to do almost anything. But all I wanted to do when I was in Granola was sit for a long while and hang out in the company of the locals all enjoying their simple and delicious meals.
Værnedamsvej 5, 1819 Frederiksberg, Denmark
+45 31 31 15 36
Sun 9am - 5pm
Mon - Wed 8am - 11pm
Thur, Fri 8am - 12am
Sat 9am - 12am