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A carpet of flowers
If you were in Brussels last weekend, you were lucky because the city had laid down the flower carpet in the main square. This is done every five years and I decided to head up the road to have a look since it had been some time since the last one. It is made from real flowers and with the tropical weather that Belgium is having it wouldn't last more than the 4 days that were allotted for the display.

Roll on 2017!

Flower Carpet
One of the best sites in Belgium!

The whole square in color
The flower carpet certainly does brighten up the gray square in Brussels.

night falls in the most beautiful square in the world
with the clocks having changed last weekend here in belgium, the sun disappeared a bit earlier last night and as it was heading west, the buildings darkened, the sky grew a heavier gray and the old fashioned street lamps began to light the square, filled with tourists, cafes and chocolate shops.

a day in the life of the city square
It has been called the most beautiful square in the world, but whether you have another favorite or not, the Brussels grand place is worth a visit for many reasons - especially the chocolate shops and cozy cafes.

empty tables
even when the weather in Belgium shifts from a cool autumn breeze to falling close to the freezing point, the cafe tables my be mostly empty, but there are always hot drinks and meals available indoors, where you can watch the tourists from the comfort of a cozy cafe.

a non-Christmas tree in Brussels
This year the Brussels City Council decided to give up on their traditional Christmas tree that comes from Norway every year, and decided to make their own. It looks like scaffolding with toilet paper on it that changes colors and makes a lot of noise. A councilman said something to the effect of not wanting to offend anybody by taking the religion out of the holiday with this, um, tree. Yes, Brussels is a nice city but have their share of idiot politicians too!

Christmas in Brussels
Although not the best Christmas market in the world, Brussels does have a very good one that is spread out outside of the grand place, heading towards the bourse and leading all the way to Place St Catherine.

The main square has a rather unorthodox tree this year, but has kept the traditional life sized nativity scene, complete with real sheep.

Flower carpet
Every 2 years, in August, for a weekend, the Grand-Place in Brussels is covered with a carpet of flowers, mainly begonias. I always wanted to see it and last year I got to see it. It was absolutely amazing, looking forward to the one in 2014!!!!

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