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Grand Canyon National Park

A Heli’ of a Time
A day trip to the Grand Canyon from Scottsdale isn’t very realistic, unless you happen to be, say, flying in a chopper. Helicopter tours will take you from the city on up to Grand Canyon National Park where you’ll have plenty of time on the Rim with views of the Sedona red rocks and Oak Creek Canyon along the way. After taking in the canyon’s striking gorges and spires, you’ll fly over the Navajo Nation and Painted Desert on your return to the Scottsdale area. The 13-hour tour also includes lunch.
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Grand Canyon and Hoover Dam
A thirty minute drive from Las Vegas and you are in one of the most well known dams in the world, Hoover Dam, which was built during the depression and at one time created a majority of the electricity for Southern California.

After taking the tour in Hoover Dam you drive four-plus hours to the Grand Canyon.

The Grand Canyon is almost 2,000 square miles, or the size of Delaware. The Colorado River is 277 river miles and is responsible for carving out the Grand Canyon.

There are million of visitors a year.

We arrived in the afternoon and while the sun was setting a beautiful yellow/red a full moo was rising in the east. It couldn't have been more perfect.

I will return to spend more time in one of mother earths grandest spots on earth.
Grand Canyon and Hoover Dam North Rim Arizona United States

Mesmerized by the Grand Canyon
It is not the deepest nor the largest canyon but there is something that makes the Grand Canyon a grand attraction that it should be. A few hours drive from Las Vegas or Phoenix, it is all worth it. One can even spend a clear night with the stars here as air pollution is lesser and the galaxy or should I say Milky Way is clearer here than from in any part of the United States.
Mesmerized by the Grand Canyon North Rim Arizona United States

Mather Point: Sunrise at the Grand Canyon
Head to Mather Point, one of the eastern most lookout points on the South Rim for the best sunrise views of the Grand Canyon. Arrive while its still dark to scope out the best vantage point and stay put. More and more people will arrive as it gets closer and closer to sunrise. They will try to jostle you around and sneak in to get a picture in front of your camera, but stand firm. Despite the crowds, a sunrise at the Grand Canyon is breathtaking and you can't help but smile as everyone audibly "oohs" and "ahhs" as the sun breaks from behind the canyon walls.
Mather Point: Sunrise at the Grand Canyon North Rim Arizona United States

Morning flight over the Grand Canyon
Taking a helicopter ride with Papillon Helicopter over the Grand Canyon is such an amazing experience. It truly is once in a life time and worth the effort and expense. Here is a photo highlight tour and details of the adventure below
Morning flight over the Grand Canyon North Rim Arizona United States