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Gran Vía

An Architectural Mix
Along the Grand Via in downtown Madrid, you look up at the buildings, and one will make you feel like you're in Paris, then another like you're in New York. The architects were given a lot of freedom when it came to designing the buildings along the way, and they have truly outdone themselves.

Mucha Marcha en Espana - a Lot of Life in Spain
The country that never sleeps, Spain is the home of partying and nightlife, and it is completely common to find children awake at all hours of the night, tagging along with their parents on a tour of the city or grabbing a late-night dinner of tapas.

Did you know there’s a word “Tapear” which means to go out and eat tapas, or appetizers for the whole night?! Though it’s less about eating all night, and more about the moving from place to place, trying new things and getting lost in a labyrinth of conversation and conviviality.

I follow the sounds of laughter to the more crowded places, elbow my way to the bar, and soak it all in. I recommended you do the same!

World Cup Parade
After Spain won the 2010 World Cup, the team came home for a victory parade. All of Gran Via was packed with fans dressed in red & yellow, singing and cheering, waving flags, and... believe it or not, the bus actually made it down this street!