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Gracias Madre

Vegan Gone Wild! Fiesta wild..
I can only describe the vegan Mexican food of Gracias Madre as a truly unexpected experience of culinary genius. They transformed a wildly famous cuisine of bold, rich, hearty, and heavy flavors into a selection of healthy, earthy dishes that still taste Mexican. There are tons of places I'd eat at on a return trip to San Francisco but I would fly back for this food alone.

In Texas we not only know good Mexican food, we live on it—you could cut us open and we'd likely bleed Mexican food—as do Californians. But San Francisco's Gracias Madre knows Mexican food best. Regardless of if you're a vegan, go for it. Just eat it. You won't be sorry and you'll feel full without have to unbutton your pants afterwards. Spot on!

Thank Your Mother for Gracias Madre
In a beautiful space in the Mission district of San Francisco, you'll find the delicious, Vegan- inspired Mexican food place that will blow your mind and steal your community-minded heart. The reverence for food, health and sustainability will also impress you, if you're paying attention after all that Sangria.

Gracias Madre is most delectable way to honor your heart, soul, mind and belly, while you're in San Francisco's Mission.

Amazing Mexican
People sometimes think that being "vegan" or eating a plant-based whole foods diet is limiting. That there's only so much you can do with plants when it comes to cooking. They couldn't be more wrong, and Gracias Madre is the place I like to take people when I'm looking to prove that point!

Gracias Madre's gourmet vegan Mexican food is worth making a trip into the Mission District. With things like sweet potato quesadillas (pictured), roasted potatoes, fresh tacos, refried beans (without the bacon grease), and a great selection of beer, wine, and non-alcoholic beverages, you can't go wrong.

I love this place and go every chance I can - especially when it gives me a chance to surprise some unsuspecting vegan skeptics.

One last tip: Try the Horchata.

2211 Mission St, San Francisco, CA 94110, USA
+1 415-683-1346
Sun 10am - 10pm
Mon, Tue 11am - 10pm
Wed - Fri 11am - 11pm
Sat 10am - 11pm