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Grace Cafayate

Ruta Nacional 40 Km 4340, A4427 Cafayate, Salta, Argentina
| +54 3868 42-7000

For Cafayate Luxury

When I'm not chasing grizzly bears through the woods or diving head first over waterfalls, I'm usually working on one story or the other at some plush hotel that occupies space right between my wildest dream and most curious fantasy. I'm lucky that I get to work some of the world's wildest and most beautiful places, but even now and then a destination stands out above the rest. Enter Grace Cafayate – one of the must sublime experiences I've had in my life.

The private villa is one thing. World-renowned Muse restaurant is another. The vineyard and the mountains that snuggle up against the patio are a treat, and the curious creatures that flit about the property – from foxes to owls to eagles to deer – are as majestic as they are gorgeous. But what really sets Grace Cafayate apart from other destinations is its elegant otherness. Cafayate is a complete disconnect from the South American experience I've come to know, totally thrilling in its difference and newness. Even visitors on a first-name basis with wine regions like Mendoza, Napa, and Burgundy will find Northern Argentina hopelessly alluring and a remarkable respite from any old ordinary escape.