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Mali – Life in the Desert   Mali

Mali – Life in the Desert

Welcome to Mali, a landlocked country in West Africa! It is a country blessed with an extraordinary landscape. The heart of this nation is Bamako, popular for its Ngoni and Kora musicians, playing to dancing crowds. Another popular destination is the Dogon country villages that still cling to the cliffs like in ancient times. So, let’s take a tour of the different destinations and activities that you can enjoy during a visit to Mali.


Explore the city of Gao which is also the capital of the Gao region. Located on the River Niger, it is an important commercial centre for trans-Saharan trade. Get the chance to discover the deserts of the Kidal region through the different road links. If you love sightseeing, then Gao is the perfect city to head off to.

Among its landmarks, you will discover the Tomb of Askia and La Dune Rose. The Tomb of Askia is actually a 15th-century tomb built by Askia Mohamed for the emperors of the Songhai empire, whereas La Dune Rose is a great natural landmark where you can expect a fantastic view of sand dunes in the desert.


Are you a fan of pottery, festivals or music? Pack your bags and head off to Segou, an urban commune in south-central Mali. It lies just north-east of Bamako on the River Niger and is also the capital of the Segou Cercle and Segou Region. Discover its rich art and culture with handcrafts like pottery, weaving, manufacturing of Bogolan (a variation of Mud cloth), painting and sculpture.

If you are a music lover, don’t miss The Festival sur le Niger which is a music festival held in the city. Celebrate music and dance during four days along the banks of the River Niger. During the festival, discover some famous names like Fema Kuti, King Mensah, Amadou & Mariam or Oumou Sangare. The great music is also accompanied by Segou’s rich culture and tradition.

National Zoo of Mali, Bamako

Meet over 100 species of animals at the National Zoo of Mali (Zoo National du Mali), Bamako. Explore a beautiful park which is home to lions, elephants, monkeys, ostriches, turtles and many other animals. These include different species of mammals, birds, fish and reptiles.

Watch as these animals relax in this lovely park! Chimpanzees have trees and hammocks, whereas lions, deer, ostriches and buffaloes have a little forest and an artificial river as habitats. Feeling tired after this great tour, enjoy a well-deserved break at the snack bar provided in the premises! You can also see the African leopard, which is the national animal of Mali, in this zoo. But, did you know that there are leopards live in cold regions as well? Discover more about this magnificent creature on the reels of Snow Leopard Slot at Aspers Casino Online. Get the chance to learn more about this magnificent creature. You better watch out for the Leopard as you play this online slot game as it is the wild which can launch top bonus features!

Macina Island

Discover Macina Island, an inland delta of the River Niger! It is found in the Sahel area of central Mali, south to Sahara Desert. Meet the Fulani and Dogon people and watch as the women strap silver jewellery to their ears and load their belongings on the backs of donkeys to form caravans. The caravans then march across the “hamada” which is basically dry and dusty scrubland.

Enjoy the island’s rich flora and fauna,which provides a green oasis in the semi-arid surroundings. The vegetation includes different types of grass, shrubs and trees. Get the chance to see large number of birds like garganeys, pintails, ruffs, herons or the endangered black crowned crane. In the rivers, catch glimpses of the African manatee and catfish.

So, with such unique place to visit in Mali, you can expect a memorable holiday while you discover a rich and authentic culture in the midst of the deserts.