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Gothenburg Harbor

Gothenburg Harbor and the Opera
If I only had one day in Gothenburg, I would spend the afternoon at the harbor. Maybe first dinner aboard the Barque Viking, which after a number of resurrections is now a hotel and restaurant. Afterwards, the Gothenburg Opera is a sight to see. Architect Jan Izikowitz was very much inspired by the harbor landscape: silhouettes are reminiscent of bridges, wind-filled sails and ship hulls. At sunset, the building’s windowed facades play tricks on the eye – you aren’t sure whether the building is being lit from the inside, or whether the windows cast reflections of the sun setting over the horizon.
Before the show, I would arrive early for a tour of the Opera House to see the impressive sheet music library, walk in the secret corridors, and watch the wigmakers, costume designers and tailors in action.
Slussgatan 1, 411 06 Göteborg, Sweden
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Sun - Sat 7am - 8pm