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Golden Gate Bridge, San Francisco, CA

Crossing the Golden Gate Bridge
There have been a handful of places that I wanted to visit, but more specifically landmarks that I wanted to see. The Golden Gate Bridge was one of them and finally, after all these years I was able to cross the bridge - on a bike!

My daughter loves the old movie The Graduate and especially the scene where Dustin Hoffman drives across the bridge in his Alfa Spider convertible with Simon & Garfunkle's "Mrs. Robinson" playing. She told me that when I go there, that I should do the same - cross it in a convertible sports car with Mrs. Robinson playing.

I didn't manage to do it the way she suggested and Hoffman did but mine was more memorable. I rented a bike in the city and pedaled across it, with the wind in my face, holding my little cam out in front of me with one hand and listening to the song on my iPod. I almost crashed into a cyclist in his tight "go faster" cycling suit who, I believe, swore at me, but I did it and have a crappy video as a memory!

The best way to cross the Bridge
Even in the fog when the horn nearly knocks you off!

Under The Golden Gate Bridge
Did you know you can stand under the Golden Gate Bridge. Yes, just visit Fort Point. Fort Point is a marvel of masonry skill, and an amazing historic place. Open from Monday Thru Sunday it is worth a visit any time of the year.

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San Francisco, CA, USA