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Goat House

Listening to Bird Song
I rescued a local gray kingsbird, locally known as the pitirre because of the unique sound of their song.

You'll notice these birds nesting in awkward and unusual places, like the precarious edge of a light post along the street, or the edge of a rooftop.

Supposedly these birds can be very mean, if you approach the nest or get too close to their young. But if you have the chance to sit outdoors without interruption from the noise of the streets, then just listen to their wonderful calls.

Plantains for Every Meal
Before moving to Puerto Rico, I had never tried the staple starchy banana relative, the plantain. After living here, I've learned to incorporate this wild-grown plant into my diet and meals.

Visit any local Puerto Rican restaurant, and you will find many dishes made with plantains. The most common are tostones—double-fried, mashed plantains. They taste similar to potatoes and are often substituted as such.

My favorite place to eat tostones is at La Cambija in Rincon.

Ensenada, Rincón 00602, Puerto Rico