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Glacier Bay National Park

Sunset in the Fairweathers
We were on a 7 day cruise in Glacier Bay with friends. The boat was the Sea Wolf and it was a converted minesweeper from World War II. After 5 days of cruising in the inlets of Glacier Bay, including sea kayaking among the glaciers, we had a phenomenal dinner on the back deck and came around to the front of the boat as the sun was sinking in the west.

A great crew, wonderful food and only 12 passengers on a trip of a lifetime!

Among the Ice Floes
Kayaking in the calm and still waters of Glacier Bay while looking for the elusive puffins and staying away from the ice floes. We could get within a quarter mile of the glaciers and weave in and out among the icebergs floating in the water. The folks on the cruise ships were quite envious as they watched from the deck.

Alaska, USA
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