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Ghent Marriott Hotel

Happy Hour Brilliance in One of Belgium’s Lesser Known Cities
Poor Ghent often gets overlooked, thanks in large part to nearby Bruges. For some reason Bruges has always been labeled as the pretty one, or the one most likely to succeed. What most visitors don’t realize is that Ghent also enjoys many of the same features that have made Bruges so famous. One of my favorite things to do in Ghent is to enjoy evening drinks with friends alongside the canals.

Flemish design is easy to spot, the gables and unique style giving it away every time. Ghent looks more like Amsterdam than a Belgian city and it’s easy to lose oneself in the romance that waterside views necessarily evoke. For a great drink head to any of the canal side restaurants and order the only beer made locally, Gruut. The brewster, Annick De Splenter, spent years researching medieval methods of creating gruut beer that is made without hops and has created a delicious line of beers that are true to the history of the region and of course taste amazing.

Korenlei 10, 9000 Gent, Belgium
+32 9 233 93 93